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fhttpd 0.4.2

FTP/HTTP server


PHP 3.0.10 released with fhttpd fix

PHP 3.0.10 release incorporates changes from the patch of 15-Jun-99 -- use it instead of PHP 3.0.9 patched. See PHP download page for the nearest mirror.


PHP3 patch

PHP3, when compiled as fhttpd module doesn't work with gd GIF files creation/manipulation library. Fix is in PHP3 CVS, and this patch can be applied to the released PHP 3.0.9 source to fix the problem.

Copy the php3.patch file into the PHP 3.0.9 source directory, use

patch < php3.patch

to apply the patch, then compile PHP3.


Version 0.4.2

fhttpd 0.4.2 is released. Another fix -- this time for y2k-compliant date format.


Version 0.4.1

fhttpd 0.4.1 is released. A fix for buglike feature of Linux 2.2.x kernels -- see message in the mailing list.


Version 0.4.0

fhttpd 0.4.0 is released. Finally, a new version after 0.3.x series.

This version supports logger modules and has few bugfixes. Some possible ways of denial of service attacks are prevented, resource limits introduced, clean way to indicate backend process death is added.

Logger module moves all logging of requests from fhttpd.log to its own file (fhttpd-log.log by default) and new design leaves only startup/shutdown/errors messages in fhttpd.log.


Development is alive and well

I haven't posted any updated versions yet, however I am glad to announce that new logging modules support and some internal changes are finished, and I'm making final changes before the release. It looks like I will spend few days fixing name inconsistencies in messages and testing things, but now it works, and fhttpd.log "debugging-oriented" hideous format is gone. I have also fixed some "too inflexible" things in a command line parser, so dk's s/key patches will become usable, however it will take me a week to fix and test things.

It probably will be a good idea to put the whole thing into CVS, and allow readonly anonymous access to it -- I realize that 1-2 releases per year isn't acceptable for a project like this.


Version 0.3.5

fhttpd 0.3.5 is released with major updates. Release 0.3.5 makes 0.3.4 patches obsolete.

New features added:

Bugs fixed:

Old announcements (mostly obsolete)

Alex Belits
Last modified: Sat Jun 26 09:51:28 PDT 1999
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